Why LED?

Discover a new way to experience light.

Light-emitting diodes, known as LEDs, have existed more than 40 years, but only recent innovation and technology advances have made them bright enough to provide useful lighting in commercial and residential settings.

Because the special semiconductor chips are made from ultra-high-purity materials under tightly controlled conditions, LEDs today:

High efficiency not only means lower energy consumption for the lighting itself, but less secondary heat generation leading to substantial savings in air conditioning costs as well.

Features Florescent Tube 40W LED Tube 20W
System Consumption 43W - 50W 20W
Lumen Output 60 - 70lm/watt 100 - 110lm/watt
Life Span 8000 - 10000 hrs 40000 - 50000 hrs
Material Contain Mercury and Phosphar(Toxic) Does not contain hazardous material like Mercury 
CRI ≥0.65 ≥0.85
Working Tempreature ≥0.35 About 50